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Corporate Video
Leaf Pattern

Logo: Our Ethos

The square block overlapped with a check mark; the company name contained in the rectangular contour; the explanatory line beneath the structure along with details of ISO certification, is collectively referred to as the Okay PLUS logo.

OkayPLUS Logo Our Ethos

In Okay, 'O' stands for the dedicated and versatile founder of the organisation, Mr. O. P. Modi; and 'K' stands for the almighty Krishna whose presence gives the strength in dealing with challenges that comes across.

The red coloured check mark denotes the essence of Dharma & Karma, the strong foundation upon which the company stands today. The white component of the logo encompasses the purity and honesty portraying transparency and openness espoused by the organisation.

The entity ‘PLUS’ in the logo is in capital letters underlining the idea that Okay PLUS is committed to give something beyond just a brick and mortar structure, adding to the value and purpose to all its undertakings.

The square and rectangular contours, containing the name encompass the very idea of building blocks, an integral part of the business activities carried out at Okay PLUS.

The logo completes itself with an ISO certification note reinforcing the quality delivered and showcasing its potential to serve the society with complete dedication and assurance.